Specialist in Pharmaceutical Packaging Design & Artworks

The design and development of packaging artworks for the pharmaceutical industry requires a solid knowledge of legislation, guidelines, and control and management mechanisms.


This process must cover the entire life cycle of the pharmaceutical product, from the initial management of data and regulatory texts to the preparation of the labeling mockups necessary for authorization by the health authorities, the preparation of final arts for their production. and all post-marketing activities.


Experience in new brand designs or adaptation of existing ones for line extensions and in the generation of final artworks facilitate a precise and fast process with minimization of errors.


Knowledge of the requirements and regulations of the pharmaceutical sector and teamwork with regulatory departments allow optimization of times in the process of preparing and sending the graphic material required for approval by regulatory agencies, both for new products and for changes to existing ones.

A personalized service, adapted to each case and to the specific needs of each client.

Precise Artworks and Pharmaceutical Expertise:

This specialization allows to create accurate artworks the first time, saving time and money.


High quality and patient safety:

We help mitigate the risks associated with labeling and packaging artwork.

Designed for the Patient: Safety, usability and readability.

The goal is to make a difference for the end user: the patient.

The combination of design and knowledge of the regulations lead to the creation of packages that are easy to use and understand by the patient.

A design that meets all requirements: regulatory, patient safety, pharmaceutical and dispensing while meeting corporate communication guidelines.


Creative design:

From new design concepts and adaptations to the generation of final artworks: faster and easier, all from the same supplier.

Accuracy & Efficiency:

Time optimization in the different submission phases.

Fewer rounds of amendments and requests for changes meeting deadlines.

Differentiating design that meets the requirements and needs of the pharmaceutical sector.

Specialist in Pharmaceutical  Packaging Design &  Artworks


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